591 Last modified August 22, 2016

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Vernon Brown

Now that we can show with mathematical certainty that this universe is comprised solely of electromagnetic phenomena, it seems natural that we should provide a version that can be tweeted on twitter. Below are tweet sized sentences that explain the main facts of the recent realizations.

The mathematical certainty comes from the fact that Maxwell's equations can solve for the speed of light via electric permittivity and magnetic permeability. The gold buttons link to detailed explanations.

The final irreducible constituent of all physical reality is the electromagnetic field. Michael Faraday I think.

Flat space-time and a universe made of light provide relativity phenomena. Relativity

Gravity slows time. Acceleration needs time. Gravity slows acceleration. Gravity slows gravity. Gravity

The rate of change of electromagnetic amplitude provides mass. Mass

Three electron-like shells sandwich together to provide protons. Particles

Four electron-like shells sandwich together to provide neutrons. Particles

Strong Force:
Protons trapped inside others provide strong force. Dynamics

Protons trapped inside others break out to provide strong force dynamics. Dynamics

Red Shift
Photons shift red when gravity they create changes momentum of objects. Red