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Why I suspect
The Standard Magical Model

Vernon Brown

( 1 ) Mass-Energy equivalence.

The equations that relate mass and energy demand that all mass may be reduced solely to electromagnetic energy. Observation shows that this is true just as the equations demand. There has never been an observation of anything in this universe that even hints that this may not be the case.

Some people believe that this comes about by some sort of magical transformation where a seething sea of virtual particles may spit out or take in particles. I suspect that high energy electromagnetic fields simply get trapped in resonant patterns to form mass. When forced out of its patterns the energy continues on its way naturally. No magical transformation is necessary.

( 2 ) Relativity phenomena.

All massive objects experience distortions of physical shape and time when they move. At the turn of the twentieth century, Lorentz showed that the distortions were exactly what would happen if all of nature were comprised solely of electromagnetic phenomena. H. Ziegler explained this to Einstein and Planck in 1909

Some people believe this is the result of magical distortions in space-time caused by the presence of massive objects. I suspect that the distortions are solely in the massive objects, just as Lorentz suggested. The distortion is the natural result of the construct of the massive objects. Consisting as they do of electric and magnetic fields that move in patterns at the fixed speed of light massive objects must change shape to remain in the patterns.

These distortions are exactly those that must be experienced because matter is comprised solely of electromagnetic phenomena. This phenomena exists as packets of energy we call photons. Photons exist as packets of electromagnetic saturation driven through space by spatially extended fields of electric and magnetic amplitude change. The speed of the points through space is determined by the impedance of space. The equation to the left shows how the speed of light is related to this impedance. It is derived from Maxwell's equations for electromagnetic phenomena.

The CBR is at rest in space. (Cosmic Background Radiation) We observe Doppler distortions in the CBR that show our local galaxies move through it at a rate of about 500 miles per second toward the constellation Leo.

( 3 ) Electron-Positron collider experiments.

The electron and positron are the most simple of the elementary particles. They are complete in themselves; not composites of other particles. Results of experiments show that these two particles can and do produce all the other particles when forced to collide at very high speed. All the components of the hydrogen atom come out of the collisions. The collisions also produce many short-lived massive particles.

Some people believe that these short-lived massive particles are key to the construct of mass. I suspect that the electromagnetic energy generated in electron-positron collisions simply gets caught up in resonant patterns. Most of the generated short-lived patterns have little to do with the construct of mass. The short lived particles are visible because of their electric charge. The electric charge comes from the curved path of the electric and magnetic fields. The patterns produced are the same as those that occur naturally when electrons and positrons collide in space.

At one certain frequency, that of the electron's photon (.510 MeV), the patterns are stable. At all other frequencies, the energy quickly straightens its path and continues naturally on its way.

Some of the short-lived particles can be stable when combined with other short-lived particles. There are four energy levels at which this can happen. The energy levels are 913.34, 21.60, 3.32, 1.30, MeV. The sum of the three most energetic of these is 938.26, the energy content of the proton. The sum of all four is 939.57, the energy content of the neutron.