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Photon Theories
of the Universe

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Over the last thousand years or so, many ideas about the nature of the universe have come and gone. Academia has always selected as real, ideas that later turned out to be false. For example, they selected an earth-centered universe over a sun-centered solar system when both theories existed at the same time. One idea caught hold in the time of Michael Faraday that academia has avoided. The idea has not been falsified but if it is true, just about all accepted theories can not be real. The Big Bang theory can not be real. Black holes can not exist, Einstein's General Relativity can not be real, and Quantum Theory can not be real. Yet, all observations explained by these unreal theories are easily explained by this old theory. Unification of the forces are easily achieved. The idea can be stated in one sentence. The final irreducible constituent of all physical reality is the electromagnetic field.

A recent observation about quasars adds credence to this old idea. The amount of red shift from quasars changes over time. This can not happen if quasar red shift is due to the expansion of the universe. It can happen, however, if as in the old theory, gravity is actually just the impedance of space as maintained by electromagnetic activity. It works like this: Photons create gravity and must therefore lose energy as the gravity they create causes momentum change of objects in space. We know that photons do create and respond to gravity. This shows up as a time dependent red shift that is dependent upon the photon's path to the observer. The more space debris encountered, the more red shift. Clouds of space debris move in and out of the photons path to the observer. This causes the amount of red shift to vary with time. Red shift variation with time was recently observed and reported in this YouTube. This was reported by Jim Shelton at Yale. But he worked the observation in to the wrong ideas currently held by Academia. He ascribed the cause to changing diet of Black Holes, but we now know that black holes can not exist and so do not consume matter. Infinite time would be required to reach a singularity and infinite time has not yet passed.

Even though this vision of the universe provides cause and effect mechanisms for all known phenomena including relativity, gravity, nuclear forces, and the red shift in light from distant galaxies, schools teach against and even ridicule it. Each new generation of physicists must rediscover the true nature of the universe for themselves. Google: Photon theories of matter.

Albert Einstein was an early advocate of field theories. The gold bars are links to Some of Einstein's writings for the general public. Other gold bars link to discussions and speculations about field theories that are proposed today. All except the writings of Einstein show that relativity phenomena develops naturally in flat space-time and a universe comprised solely of electromagnetic activity.

Einstein held a different view. His view that space and time were variables prevented him from realizing his final dream, a unified field theory. Unification is a simple task in a universe made of light as Professor Thompson shows in the paper linked by the gold bar. It turns out that the Lorentz version of relativity explains all the phenomena in a flat space-time universe. Variable space-time is not possible.

At the turn of the twentieth century most scientists believed that, "the final irreducible constituent of all physical reality was the electromagnetic field." Many of them attempted to construct a unifying theory that would interconnect all of the known forces of the universe. The most durable concept that can not be proven false is H. Ziegler's description of an electromagnetic universe linked by the gold bar. The Lorentz Ether Theory was probably the source of Ziegler's notion.

H. Ziegler suggested that a universe made only of electric and magnetic amplitude change could predict all physical phenomena. He discussed that idea with Einstein and Planck as indicated by the gold bar linked article. With that construct of matter there is no need for the idea of variable space-time. Relativity phenomena is the natural consequence of that construct. Material things, not space and time, must change to accommodate motion.

There is no evidence that any physical reality other than electric and magnetic fields exists in this universe. From the most simple electron particle to the most complex galaxy, electric and magnetic change can provide all. And if the universe does in fact exist as such, most established theory is wrong.

We present these facts as a reminder that there is an alternative to the unreasonable ideas expounded in the standard model. Some young physicist so reminded may discover that principle that John Wheeler referred to when he said, "Some principle uniquely right and uniquely simple must, when one knows it, be also so obvious that it is clear that the universe is built, and must be built, in such and such a way and that it could not possibly be otherwise."

John Wheeler did envision that the guiding principle that governs the universe would be found and that it would be very simple. That principle was found, in fact, before John Wheeler wrote his famous declaration. As stated above, that principle is this: "The final irreducible constituent of all physical reality is the electromagnetic field."

Stated another way, "All of nature behaves exactly as if all of nature is made of light." The result is that all things in nature must experience a distortion of space and time that is relative to their absolute motion through space.