Ok, So What Makes Gravity

By Filbert Wagman, July 2004

Ain't but one thing you gotta know to get it nailed down just exactly how it is that gravity works. First off, you gotta have a universe made out of photons like showed in How The Universe Is Built. Then pay close attention to Planck's Constant. Can't be no other way; photons make gravity happen.

Ain't no empty space anywhere. Out where it seems empty, they is still about one electron in every cubic yard. Electric and magnetic stuff in space makes space impede more electric and magnet stuff. Maxwell figured it out and wrote down arithmetic to use the numbers to figure the speed of light. The little zeros in the arithmetic means where their ain't no electric and magnet stuff. Well, there ain't no place like that, but if it was the arithmetic would figure out the speed of light.

Photons are made out of changes in electric and magnetic strength. Ain't nothing else to'um. So, Planck's Constant gotta be contained somehow in electromagnetic change. This change that is a photon swings from a peak on the negative side then to a peak on the positive side as a photon moves past. Don't matter which comes first; might be positive that starts it off just as easy.

The arithmetic you use to figure the Planck's Constant number don't need nothing but the speed of the change from peak to peak. It don't use how much change they was. That gotta mean that the, "how much," is always the same constant amount.

Dr. Albert Giese done figured out that the whole thing about gravity is that the speed of light slows next to heavy stuff. He's probably right about that. Now we know they is some arithmetic that you can get from Maxwell's equations that figures out the speed of light. Ain't no reason why that arithmetic would worry none about warped space. So seems like a good test would be to see if the two constants ain't constant up close to heavy stuff. The path of light bends toward the direction where the speed of light is slower. Anything made out of light would have to gravitate in that same direction.