228 Last modified August 22, 2016

And Gravity

Vernon Brown

Relativity phenomena and gravity are all-invasive parts of all material things. They must therefore be present at the most fundamental beginnings of nature's construct. We know how to describe nature to make this so. When we describe nature in this certain way, relativity phenomena and gravity are predicted and indeed, demanded by nature's construct. We know of no other way to describe the most fundamental constituents of nature so that relativity phenomena and gravity are a natural consequence of nature's construct.

In order to demand relativity phenomena and gravity every physical reality in the universe must be compised of electromagnetic fields. It must be compised of that alone. Adding any other constituent breaks the arithmetic so that relativity phenomena and gravity are no longer predicted to be as we observe them to be.

We have known since Lorentz described it for us that relativity phenomena is a natural result when we consider that all of nature is comprised of electromagnetic phenomena alone. Gravity is not so obvious, but there are two built-in mechanisms that predict and demand gravity.

Electric permittivity and magnetic permeability determine the impedance of empty space. The presence of electric and magnetic activity cause the impedance to increase. In the absence of charge, permittivity and permeability are constants. These constants convey gravity as indicated in the link.

Any fundamental theory that fails to demand relativity phenomena and gravity at its very core, can not be what is real in nature. The reason it can not be real is that we easily observe that relativity phenomena and gravity are real and they are present in every physical reality that we know about.